• BIONIK. das Magazin

The magazine gives an outline of the history of bionics from Leonardo da Vinci to currently researched topics. In a lively, exciting and loving way, the term bionics and what lies behind it is brought closer to the readership.

  • Leftover Schnitzel and Apple Cores: Making Money from Rubbish

Alchemists painstakingly tried to turn base metals into gold. JKU scientists, however, have now succeeded in turning food waste into coal.

  • Lasers to imitate lizards! How reptiles and bugs are boosting innovation.

Researchers at the Institue of Biomedical Mechatronics are imitating nature to boost innovation, as 'Futuris' reporter Anne Devineaux discovered in Linz, Austria.

  • Hydrothermal carbonization as an all-inclusive process for food-waste conversion


  • The external scent efferent system of selected European true bugs (Heteroptera): a biomimetic inspiration for passive, unidirectional fluid transport

  • SEX SELLS - capillary action in spermathecae of fleas
  • How the sandfish lizard keeps sand-free