Institute of Organic Chemistry Institute of Organic Chemistry

Biological Chemistry

Cross Border Life Science Education:

Biological Chemistry / Biologische Chemie

Double degree bachelor and master study programs

 run jointly by the:

Johannes Kepler University (JKU), Linz, Austria    WHY LINZ?
  & the
University of South Bohemia (USB), Budweis, Czech Republic,

two partner universities with complementary competences in chemistry and biology.

The Biological Chemistry curricula are open to students from all countries both from within and from outside of the European Union. Knowledge of the German or Czech languages is NOT a prerequisite for enrolling in these curricula.

For the enrollment procedure see this page. Alternatively you may enroll at the University of South Bohemia (USB) first, which may be easier for students from some, especially eastern European, countries.

The implementation of these cross-border curricula was supported by the European Union through the ERDF fund in the ETC (European Territorial Cooperation) program, also known as INTERREG.

Visions: Interviews with Biological Chemistry Students

Biological Chemistry Study Programs


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