News & Important Dates & Deadlines

01.10. 2019   Study fees at JKU and USB

JKU: Austrian Student Union Fees and Tuition Fees (payment per semester). You can find payment details and status in KUSSS - My settings - Tuition fee  DETAILS

USB: Fee for study in the English Language - 500 CZK (payment per academic year). Do not forget to send the conformation of payment to Mrs. Korcova You can contact her with questions. DETAILS

Pay both fees. It does not matter if you spend the semester/year at JKU or USB.

19.6. 2019  USB: Failed/missed pre-enrollment at Univesity of South Bohemia

Please, read an email from vice-dean about the pre-enrollment to WS 2019 in Budweis

Dear students,

    Yesterday, the compulsory electronic enrollment period finished. Some of you, however, have yet to enroll and so have contravened article 20, paragraph 8 of the Study and Examination Regulations of USB, which may lead to the termination of your study.

    If you failed to enroll due to an error or because of a serious reason, you may correct this situation by making an application for late enrollment to the Dean accompanied by a confirmation of payment of the fee of 200 Kč (in accordance with Provision D69).

    The application must be submitted to the Department of Student Affairs either physically by 12:00 on 21.6 or electronically in the form of a personally-signed scanned document by 12:00 on 22.6. Both forms of application must, among other things, include your personal student number, a list of the subjects being enrolled in, including the appropriate codes, and the confirmation of payment of the fee (NB Due to the treasury being closed, the fee must be payed by bank transfer). Between 26.6 and 28.6 (inclusive) you are then to present yourself at the Department of Student Affairs and choose groups of seminars or languages, if any of your chosen subjects have them.                            

Kind regards, 

Tomáš Hauer

vice-dean of Faculty of Science

Fee payment details:

03.06.2019  USB - electronic enrollment for WS 2019 at USB

Do not miss electronic enrollment (3.6. - 17.6. 2018 - 12:00 PM - noon) via STAG for the winter semester 2019. You can find ideal study plan in STAG or in curriculum. Students going to Budweis will register selected courses at USB, students staying in Linz will register for Study placement UCH056 (BSc) or UCH056 (MSc).

03.06.2019  USB - course Study Placement UCH055 (BSc) / UCH056 (MSc)

The course study placement for WS2018 and SS2019 has to be sign by Dr. Jan Sterba  in the study book (index) before registration for winter semester 2019 (16.9. - 27.9. 2019).

21.05.2019  Missing a signature in Study Book

Please bring your Study Book (so called Index) to the Institute of Organic Chemistry in case you are missing a signature for WS 2019.

Where: T355 (NMR Office) to Michal Kamenicky   When: Wed 22.5. and Thu 23.5.

We will bring them to the Study department at USB, later one of you will have to pick them up.

27.03.2019  Winter semester 2019 will start on 9th September 2019 at University of South Bohemia

Teaching period at the University of South Bohemia will start on Monday 9th September 2019 for second year bachelor students (according to the ideal study plan). Older bachelor and master students will start on Monday 30th September 2019.

25.02.2019  Scholarship Info Meeting: For all student planning to stay next year at University of South Bohemia

The meeting will take place HF 9901 (Hochschulfondsgebäude), 8:30, Wednesday 10th April 2019, JKU. It is organized together with International Office JKU and you can learn more about scholarship application and life at the university in Budweis. DETAILS

14.01.2019   Pre-enrolment and enrolment for Summer Semester 2019 in Ceske Budejovice

Please, do not forget to enroll for new semester at USB in Ceske Budejovice. Pre-enrolment is between 14.01. - 25.01. 2019 and enrolment between 11.02. - 14.02. 2019.  Please, check the academic calender of Falcilty od Science for more details.

Register for course: Study Placement UCH 055 (bachelor) or UCH 056 (master) even if you are not currently at University in Ceske Budejovice.

Here is a short  MANUAL - HOW TO ENROLL at University in Ceske Budejovice focused on 1st year students.

05.11.2018   GET - TOGETHER / Bachelor Thesis Info meeting of Biological Chemistry students

Bachelor Thesis Info meeting will take place in HS5, on Thursday 22nd November 2018 at 17:15. Professors will give you an overview about their institutes, research and open topis of bachelor theses. The meeting is focus on all students (mainly 5th semester) starting with JKU bachelor thesis in the current academic year.

GET - TOGETHER Biological Chemistry will start after the Bachelor Thesis Info meeting at 18:30, on 22nd November 2018 in Hall C of the Lecture Hall Wing (Hörsaaltrakt - corridor between Ch@t and Sparkasse). All Biological Chemistry bachelor students are welcomed to meet professors, ÖH representatives and each other in informal way! Small buffet will be provided!

27.09.2018   Fee for study in the English Language - University of South Bohemia

Please do not forgot to pay "Fees for study in the English Language" at University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice ASAP. It is 500 CZK (approx. 20 EUR) per an academic year. For more details please check the document D83 in the section "Crossboarder studies". Contact:

Fee payment details:

  • Bank account number: 104725778/0300
  • Name of the bank: ČSOB a.s., Hroznová 1, 370 40  České Budějovice, Czech Republic
  • IBAN code: CZ2003000000000104725778
  • variable symbol: 60203006
  • To the „note space“ please write your first name and surname, faculty and the reason of the payment.

14.09.2018   CONGRATULATION:     1st Biological Chemistry woman with Dr. (PhD)

Congratulation to Dr. Marketa Absolonova !!! She is the first female student of Biological Chemistry (BSc and MSc) with doctoral degree. She graduated in doctoral studies at University of Salzburg in field of plants biology.

13.09.2018  Courses for 5th Semester - OLD CURRICULUM

Students starting the 5th semester of Biological Chemistry in this winter term should use the curriculum displayed in KUSSS (log in with your ID number). Use the link: 033 663 Biological Chemistry (2017W) displayed on top of the list displayed when logging into KUSSS. Then you will see the courses appropriate for you.

The atteched pdf displays the relevant page in the study handbook.

For students enrolled for the first semester and for students not currently enrolled the NEW curriculum is relevant!

Bachelor BC Students returning from Budweis study according to the OLD curriculum!

07.09.2018  ENROLLMENT at University of South Bohemia (USB) - BUS TRIP

Bus trip registration deadline for new Biological Chemistry students was prolonged untill September 17th.

24.08.2018  ENROLLMENT at University of South Bohemia (USB)  for NEW STUDENTS starting in Winter Semester 2018

A bus trip of the new (both bachelor and master) Biological Chemistry students from Linz to Budweis and back is organized to carry out the enrollment procedure at USB. This year the bus trip will be on Friday, September 24th, meeting at 7:15 (leaving sharp at 7:30), entrance to Science Park 1 (Science Park 1 - MT). Approx. 20€, depending on the number of students. Registration deadline September 7th.

Please check our webpage for details:  Bachelor    Master

23.08.2018   INFO meeting for students going to Budweis

The meeting is focused on students going to Budweis in the upcoming winter semester, but all students are welcome. You will have a chance to ask older Biological Chemistry students from Budweis about the university in Budweis, courses, bachelor theses, dormitories, social life at USB etc. The informal meeting will take place in room T405, 3rd September 2018, 15:00.

25.07.2018   Enrollment of 1st year students in Ceske Budejovice / Bus Trip

Enrollment of 1st year Biological Chemistry students at University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice (USB) will take place on Monday 24th September 2018. We will orginaze a bus trip to Ceske Budejovice. Exact departure time (early morning) and price (approx. 20 EUR) will be announced. Please check this webpage and FIRST SEMESTER.


24.07.2018   Enrollment/Info to WS2018 for bachelor students going to Ceske Budejovice

Enrollment for WS2018 for the 2nd year BSc students going to Ceske Budejovice will take place on Wednesday 5th September 2018 at USB. Contact email:

The winter semester will start on Monday 17th September 2018.


27.06.2018   Changes in Bachelor and Master curricula  -  WS 2018

New curriculum Bachelor Biological Chemistry  -  winter semester 2018.  Please check online study handbook and the curriculum.

There are also changes in Master Biological Chemistry from winter semester 2018 (online study handbook, curriculum)