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Institute of Organization Science
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Mission Statement

As part of the field of social and behavioral sciences, the Institute of Organization Science is committed to research and education focusing on ‘the organization’. This means that we not only understand organizational sciences is a key area of managerial responsibility, it is also a central institution within modern society that significantly influences the way people live and work, especially in their respective work environments.

Our well-funded research is not only empirical, it features a hands-on, real-world approach. Our research findings are published in leading international journals that include the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Management Science, and Journal of International Business Studies. On several occasions, our articles have been successfully published in so-called "A+" Journals. In addition, institute members have been presented with numerous awards and accolades in recognition of their high-quality research, such as the German Academic Association of Business Research's Best Paper Award as well as the renowned Academy of Management Journal's Best Article Award. Research conducted at the institute is externally funded by, for example, the German Research Foundation and the Volkswagen Foundation. Courses offered at the institute have also been presented with awards in recognition of outstanding educational content, most recently the Aspen Institute's "Ideas Worth Teaching" Award.

Our educational objectives not only include a strong, base-knowledge understanding of theory, but also supports critical thinking and helping students foster a strong social skill set. In cooperation with other institutes, we offer a major/minor in "Organization, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship", focusing on three core subject areas in business management: Organization between order and freedom; Innovation between what is considered "new" and what is considered "valuable", and Legitimization at the crossroads of business and society. In addition, we co-created the new major/minor "Sustainability Management" in an effort to support social and environmentally-sustainable corporate behavior.

Since its inception, the institute has collaborated with leading international universities around the world, including universities in Australia, Germany, France, Great Britain, and Canada, contributing consistently to the JKU's internationalization efforts in research and academic education.