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Bachelor's Degree Program

In the Bachelor of Business Administration, we offer the compulsory course KS Introduction to Organisation as well as IKs in the areas of "Entrepreneurship - Management" and "Impact of Entrepreneurship - Ehics, Gender and Diversity" from 01.10.2020. Furthermore, our institute is involved in the majors/minors "Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" and "Sustainability Management". In both majors it is possible to write one's Bachelor's thesis and take a Bachelor's seminar.


Major/Minor - Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

As part of the elective subjects or modules, you can also specialise in the area of organization. For this purpose, you can choose the subject Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Bachelor of Business Administration.

This can be completed both as a major (24 ECTS) and as a minor (12 ECTS). The introductory courses KS Introduction to Organization and KS Introduction to Change and Innovation Management are prerequisites for entry into the Major and Minor in Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Structure and Procedure:
The subject consists of the following modules/subjects and a written final examination:

Important details:
The module Foundations of Organization is only offered in the winter semester, the module Foundations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is only offered in the summer semester.

The subject Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship can be started in the winter semester as well as in the summer semester. Nevertheless, the ideal course of studies differs here (see details of the course of studies in the major Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship).

All information on the Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration:
Curriculum Bachelor Betriebswirtschaftslehre
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Major/Minor - Sustainability Management

The Major/Minor "Sustainability Management" consists of a new, unique cooperation of five JKU institutes from different divisions (Institute for Integrated Quality Design, Institute for Management Accounting, Institute for Innovation Management, Institute for Organisation and the Lab for Digital Transformation and Sustainable Transitions) as well as the LIT (Linz Institute of Technology) in order to meet the important and interdisciplinary topic of sustainability.

The Institute of Organisation offers the module "Sustainability Management and Organization" in this major/minor.

Major - Operations, Transport and Supply Chain Management

Since sustainability topics are also important in the Major - Operations, Transport and Supply Chain Management, the Institute for Organisation also offers KS Organizing Sustainability in its module "Sustainability Management and Organization".

Bachelor's Degree Business & Economics

Our courses can be taken as part of the "Specialisation Field Organization Innovation and Entrepreneurship (elective - 18 ECTS)", "Specialisation Field Sustainability Management (elective - 18 ECTS)" & "Specialisation Field Sustainable Transportation Logistics 4.0 (elective - 18 ECTS)" in the Bachelor's degree programme Business & Economics (new from 1.10.2020).

For students who remain in the study plan WiWi old (until 30.9.18 or from 1.10.18), there are recognition regulations.

Equivalence lists, substitute courses and recognition rules can be found in the appendix to the curriculum of the Bachelor's degree programme in Business & Economics.