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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Spaces and Organisation Behaviour

Jean-Luc Moriceau, Olivier Germain, Judith Igelsböck and Daniel Melo Ribeiro are co-editing a special issue in RIPCO entitled ‘Spaces and Organisation Behavior: New Organisations, New Theoretisations’

Studies on the relationships between spaces and organisational behaviour have recently become richer, considering, for example, materiality, identity, aesthetics, control, reciprocal constitution – up to what is called a turn towards spatiality. However, today, on the one hand, spaces, places and borders are being drastically redefined (e.g. with flex-office, aesthetisation, third places, migrations, multiple reterritorialisations) and on the other hand, the theorisations of organisational space are convening new authors and new concepts (e.g. spacing, throwntogetherness, dispositif, geophilosophy...).

In this special issue the authors propose to follow Beyes & Holt's (2020) invitation to take space seriously and to think spatially: to recognise that all organisations and actors are emplaced or desire a place, that innumerable boundaries are formed and contested, that territories are traversed by atmospheres and affects; and to welcome research and reflections inspired by and addressing this new spatial condition of organisations. Hence this issue calls for all forms of contributions that seek to better understand the links between new spatial organisations and organisational behaviour and to reflect on the new issues, imaginaries, devices, boundaries, subjectivities and controls that are taking shape and reforming the life of and in organisations.

They welcome contributions in English and in French. The submission deadline is February 21, 2022. Inquiries can be directed to judith.igelsboeck(at)jku.at