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Institute of Production and Logistics Management
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Visiting Researchers

Nicolas Dupin Université Paris-Saclay - CentraleSupélec, France July 2022 Associate Professor
Miriam Stumpe University of Paderborn, Germany June 2022 Visiting PhD-Student
Xavier Gandibleux Université Nantes, Frankreich May - June 2022 Professor
Yue Su Université Paris-Saclay - CentraleSupélec, France May - July 2022 Visiting PhD-Student
Nicolas Forget Aarhus University, Denmark April - May 2022, Sept. - Nov. 2021 Visiting PhD-Student
Ricardo Soares University of Porto, Portugal Feb. 2020 Visiting PhD-Student
Marta Pascoal Unversidade da Coimbra, Portugal Nov. 2019 Associate Professor