Diplom- und Masterarbeiten

Master Theses

A prerequisit for starting to work on your Master's thesis is the completion of at least one of the following 6 ECTS course blocks:

  • KS and IK Operations Research
  • SE Computational Logistics: Optimization
  • SE Computational Logistics: Metaheuristics

Master's theses have to be written in English.

As a first step, get in touch with your preferred thesis supervisor. There are usually abundant interesting topics available.

If you would like to work on a topic provided by a company or you already have a clear idea what you would like to work on, prepare a detailled problem description and how you plan to develop a solution.

During the preparation of your thesis you are required to present twice in the "Master Thesis Seminar". The first presentation takes the form of a concept presentation which is linked to the Master thesis colloquium. The second presentation should take place once your work is close to completion to present your findings and results. It is not necessary to give both presentations in the same semester.

Useful Information

Master's theses are scientific works. They are meant to show that you master the methodological tools, that you are able to adapt/further develop/apply them, and that you are aware of and able to build on the scientific state-of-the-art. This state-of-the-art is usually not found in textbooks but in recent papers published in scientific journals of the respective field. A useful link for performing literature research is http://scholar.google.at

A proxi for the scientific quality of a published paper is the journal in which it has been published. An orientation with respect to journal quality in the management field provides the VHB Journal Ranking (jourqual3): http://vhbonline.org/vhb4you/jourqual/vhb-jourqual-3/

When writing your thesis, cite papers using the american author-year citation style (APA). Make sure that you only list those works in your list of references to which you also refer in the text; and that all the required information is provided in the list of references (authors and/or editors, title, year, journal/publisher, pages, volume, doi, etc.) .

As an alternative to Word we highly recommend to use Latex. The TU Vienna provides a tutorial (https://latex.tugraz.at/latex/tutorial) and numerous others are available on the web.






  • Multi-Objective Optimization (research project)
  • Vehicle Routing (research project)

and other topics.