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Institute of Production and Logistics Management
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PLM Team

Group picture PLM Team

Head of Institute

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Univ.-Prof.in Sophie Parragh, PhD. (Head) MZ 405B 5500 sophie.parragh(at)jku.at



Name Room Extension E-Mail
Sabine Frank MZ 406B 5501 sabine.frank(at)jku.at


Name Room Extension E-Mail
O. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Günther Zäpfel MZ 406B 5501 guenther.zaepfel(at)jku.at

Research Associates (Postdoc)

External Lecturers

Student Assistants

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Tamara Ertl MZ 406B 5501 studass1.plm(at)jku.at
Amiri Arezoo MZ 406B 5501 studass1.plm(at)jku.at
Thomas Ramsenthaler MZ 406B 5501 studass1.plm(at)jku.at studass2.plm(at)jku.at

Previous Team Members

FH-Prof. Priv.-Dozent DI (FH) Klaus Altendorfer, PhD
Duleabom An, MSc
Miriam Enzi, MSc
Martin Gutjahr, MSc
Dr.in Viktoria Hauder
Martin Hofwimmer, MSc
Ing. Michael Kahr, BSc MSc MSc PhD
Mag.a Stefanie Kritzinger, PhD
Najmesadat Nazemi, MSc
Dr. Bartosz Schatzlmayr-Piekarz
Dr. Karl Schneeberger
Prof. (FH) Dr. Friedrich Starkl
Kübra Taninmis Ersüs, PhD
Mag.a Gabriele Traugott
Priv.-Dozent Tricoire Fabien, PhD

Professorship for Business Analytics and Technology Transformation

Name Room Extension E-Mail

Univ.-Prof. DI Markus Sinnl, BSc PhD

MZ 402B DW 5600 markus.sinnl(at)jku.at
Secretary: Branka Zehetner MZ 402B DW 5601 branka.zehetner(at)jku.at
Project employee: Christof Brandstetter, BSc MZ 401B DW 5506 christof.brandstetter(at)jku.at


BMK Endowed Professorship and Chair Sustainable Transportation Logistics 4.0





Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in Cristina Olaverri Monreal (Head)

Science Park 4, 3. Floor 5490  cristina.olaverri-monreal(at)jku.at

Oliver Bartenstein (Sekretariat)

Science Park 4, 3. Floor



Aso Validi, MSc Science Park 4, 3. Floor 5492


Eng. Walter Morales, BSc Science Park 4, 3. Floor  5493 


Jihed Khiari, MSc Science Park 4, 3. Floor 5492 jihed.khiari(at)jku.at
Enrico del Re, MSc Science Park 4, 3. Floor 5493  enrico.del_re(at)jku.at
Novel Certad, MSc Science Park 4, 3. Floor 5493 novel.certad_hernandez(at)jku.at
Eng. Astrid Mosquera Science Park 4, 3. Floor 5492 astrid.mosquera(at)jku.at