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Institute of Signal Processing
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The Institute.

The Institute of Signal Processing (ISP) focuses on the algorithmic-, architectural- and hardware-oriented aspects of signal processing systems. Application areas are information and communication systems, radio frequency and baseband integrated circuits, bio- and sensor-signal processing as well as automotive applications. Our vision is to work on both long term fundamental research projects as well as on short term topics, the latter in close cooperation with industry partners.

In teaching we are involved in JKU’s Bachelor and Master programs Electronics and Information TechnologyMechatronicsArtificial IntelligenceMedical Engineering, and Computer Science, where we are committed to give high quality lectures and lab courses.

We are located in the JKU Science Park in Linz, Austria, which provides an excellent working environment and a perfect atmosphere for creativity and development.

2023 marks the ISP's10th anniversary of 10 full years of research, ideas, projects, education, and social events. The 5th anniversary report, opens a file contains a summary of the institute's activities.

Picture of Team Members

Many people are unclear as to what the term "signal processing" stands for. The following link to the IEEE signal processing society provides excellent insight, explanations, and videos in answer to the question: “What is Signal Processing?”. 

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