Robots Talking to Me

at the Ars Electronica Festival 2020.

  • Project period: February - September 2020
  • Funders: LIT Artifact Call

How should robots communicate with people?
How can a collaborative robot at work signal me what it intends to do next?
Under what conditions do I trust the synthetic voice of an artificial intelligence?
Do we even have to listen to the signs and words of robots or should we always be in charge?

Under the title Robots Talking to Me, the LIT Robopsychology Lab presented several installations that make psychological questions of human-machine relationships tangible and that invited visitors participation in an own exhibition area, located in the LIT Open Innovation Center.

Among the projects we presented were two brand-new virtual reality research games CoBot Studio VR, which is about communication with industrial robots, and Serum 13 VR, where you have to make decisions and solve puzzles together with an artificial intelligence. Visitors could participate in these two VR games.

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