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Current Courses

This semester, we offer the following Lectures (VO, VL), Exercises (UE) and Combined Courses (KV).

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Internships & Scientific Theses (Seminar, Bachelor’s, Master’s)

Available topics for you to get started

The topics listed below are to be understood as “contexts”, within which concrete ideas and topics can be discussed. Your own suggestions for thesis topics are of course also more than welcome. We look forward to a detailed discussion if you are interested. In that case, please send an email to office-secsys@jku.at .

All these topics lend themselves to define internships, project practicals, seminars, bachelor’s or master’s theses.

  • Extensions to our crypto programming language Sunset/FFapl, opens an external URL in a new window. This includes both, language extensions and additions/changes to the graphical user interface or the development environment, the interpreter or functions of the language.
  • Applied Cryptology
    • Functional encryption
    • Private/Secure function evaluation
    • Quantum Cryptography
    • Functional digital signatures
    • Special-purpose cryptography
    • …your own suggestions/interest in Applied Cryptology…
  • Risk Management and Applied Security
    • Game-theory for defense against advanced persistent threats (prototyping of models, implementation of simulation testbeds, …)
    • Graphical and other methods of risk elicitation and threat modelling
    • Application of artificial intelligence
    • Security of artificial intelligence
    • Simulation models for incident prediction and propagation
    • Digital twins for security
    • Cyberwarfare
    • …your own suggestions/interest in Risk Management and Applied Security


Coursework during the practical/internship/thesis writing phase

Depending on the current level of your studies, you must enrol in one of the following courses:

 Type of work

 Course to enrol


 510.503 Seminar in Networks and Security Cryptography and Security Infrastructures

 Bachelor’s Thesis

 353.055 Projektpraktikum

 Project (Bachelor’s)

 353.055 Projektpraktikum

 Master’s Thesis

 353.095 & 353. 094 Master's Thesis Seminar

 Internship or Project (for Master’s)

 353.093 Project in Networks and Security


Presentation dates and types

In all of the above courses, you will be asked to present the status or progress of your work in an oral presentation. Depending on how far you are, you need to give (just) one of three presentations:

  • a "starter presentation", showing what the project is about and what the first steps are going to be (15min duration), or
  • a "current status presentation " showing what has happened so far and what the next steps are (20min duration), or
  • a "finish presentation ", presenting the results and wrapping up the project (30min duration).

All three presentations should include at most 5min for questions and answers (leaving the respective times for the presentation as at least 10min for the start, 15min for the intermediate, and 25min for the finish talks).

Dates and times are fixed individually with your supervisor.


Tips for writing your thesis

We have put together some best practices, do’s and don’ts for writing the thesis, searching for literature and other miscellaneous matters. See the document provided, and use it as an aid and guideline for the writing.

Further helpful information to write and submit your Bachelor's/Master's thesis, or dissertation is available here.

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