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LIT Breakfast Briefing

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martina Seidl and Dr. He Sun


LIT OIC Breakfast Briefing

Our LIT Breakfast Briefings not only provide a brief introduction into an emerging field of research and current cutting-edge research being conducted at the JKU, but also looks at the potential to apply key research developments to address real-world problems. Two topics – 30 minutes.

Date: 08.06.2021, 08:30-09:00 am
Online via Zoom


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martina Seidl (Institute for Symbolic Artificial Intelligence)   

Competitions as Scientific Method

Automated reasoning as successfully applied for software and hardware verification is a complex task. It is supported by advanced reasoning tools like solvers and theorem provers that implement sophisticated techniques for solving provably hard problems. To objectively evaluate the state of the art, research communities organize competitions that distinguish the fast and best tools. Besides providing insights into recent tool developments, such competitions also identify interesting research problems. Thus the outcome of competitions motivates researchers to push the boundaries of their technologies, further improving the state of the art. In this talk, we take a closer look at the role of software competitions as a scientific method. Based on the examples of some successful competitions, we explain their general setup and how they contribute to the  scientific progress of a research community.


Dr. He Sun (Institute of Organic Chemistry)

Design of Electrochemical Flow-cell for Efficient Electrocatalytic CO2 Conversion

CO2 electroreduction processes can provide sustainable pathways to produce valuable chemicals and fuels. Developing an efficient scalable electrolyzer for CO2 will help store renewable energies into useful chemicals while replacing greenhouse gas emissions. However, electrochemical performance in a large scale is limited by low CO2 concentration and diffusivity. Here we discuss some recent research aspects of designing electrodes and cell stacks of electrolyzers for enhancing efficient CO2 reduction.

Registration until 4th of June:

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Meeting-ID: 956 6306 2177