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Institute of Sociology
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Team of the Department for the Theory of Society and Social Analyses.

Head of the Department

Name Room Call-through E-Mail

Aulenbacher Brigitte, Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in

K 106A 7742 brigitte.aulenbacher(at)jku.at






Eder Tobias K 105A 7744 tobias.eder(at)jku.at

Scientific staff members

Name Room Call-through E-Mail
Atzmüller Roland, Mag. Dr. K 109A 7747 roland.atzmueller(at)jku.at
Deindl Raphael, MA K 108A 7749 raphael.deindl(at)jku.at
Grubner Johanna, MA K 108A 7748 johanna.grubner(at)jku.at
Kreissl Katharina, Dr.in K 104A 7746 katharina.kreissl(at)jku.at

Project Staff


Name E-mail
Gunz Josef, Mag. Dr. josef.gunz@liwest.at
Mörth Ingo, Mag. Dr. ingo.moerth@jku.at
Nigsch Otto, Mag. DDr. otto@ganymed.org
Wagner Franz, Mag. Dr. Ph.D. franz.wagner@jku.at
Ziegler Meinrad, Mag. Dr. meinrad.ziegler@jku.at