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Our Team

Our Team


Back (left to right):
Peter Heumader, Isabella Zylinsky, Dr. Klaus Miesenberger, Christian Schult, Andrea Petz, Bernhard Stöger --- 


Front (left to right):
Reinhard Koutny, Silke Haider, Priska Feichtenschlager

Department Head

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Dr. Klaus Miesenberger  HF101 3751 klaus.miesenberger(at)jku.at

Deputy Department Head

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address

Dr. Josef Küng, opens in new window

S30344/1 4182 jkueng(at)faw.jku.at

Finance, HR and Conference Management

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
 Priska Feichtenschlager HF102 3750 priska(at)jku.at


Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Christian Schult HF133 3756 christian.schult(at)jku.at

Service and Support Center for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses

Please contact Andrea Petz if you have any questions about the Service and Support Center or require initial support.


If you have questions about adapting examinations and/or accessible study materials, please send an e-mail to: pruefung-iis(at)jku.at

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Andrea Petz  HF136 3757 andrea.petz(at)jku.at
Sarah Bräuer HF136 3758 sarah.braeuer(at)jku.at
Stefan Lämmermann HF136 3758 stefan.laemmermann@jku.at

PhD Candidates

Former Employees

Carmen Lepschy

Isabella Zylinski
Othmar Walchhofer
Peter Heumader
Rebecca Oberst
Silke Haider 
Nicoleta Hemetsberger 
Stephan Pölzer
Daniel Pöll