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Institute of Analytical and General Chemistry
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Mission statement.

Vision and mission

The Department of General Chemistry was created to cover teaching The basic principles of chemistry. It provides the first contact to studies at a university for many students of the curricula "Chemistry and Chemical Technologies" (CCT), "Biological Chemistry" (BC) and "Scientific Fundamentals of Technology" (NaWi-Tec). The courses offered thereby (lectures, exercises and laboratory tutorials) are spread over the first year of study and are intended to give all students a good start to their studies, regardless of their starting point with respect to their level of knowledge in chemistry from secondary teaching institutions. Therefore, in order to facilitate their start at university, the courses of the Department of General Chemistry, which take place in the first semester, are offered in English- as well as in German language. The aim of the topics covered is to give students an insight into the chemically oriented fields of study on the one hand, and to provide them with a sound basic knowledge that can be built on in the subsequent semesters