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Introductory Lab Course.

What do I have to do to get into the Introductory Lab Course?

There are basically two requirements for this course:

  • to successfully complete the LVA Chemical Laboratory Safety including the fire-drill
  • Participation in the introductory meeting for the Introductory Lab Course

Both requirements serve to ensure safety in the laboratory and participation is not negotiable!

LVA Chemical Laboratory Safety

This course consists of two parts: an online video course including an online exam and the compulsory fire-drill exercise.

The online exam must be successfully completed.

For the fire-fighting exercise, you will be divided into groups with a specific time window. Presence and active participation is mandatory! In the event that you are sick or in quarantine on these days, there will be another fire-fighting exercise on (please contact Prof. Paulik if you are planning to participate).

You will only receive confirmation of participation in the LVA Chemical Laboratory Safety in the KUSSS if you have successfully completed the online test and participated in the fire extinguishing exercise. With this confirmation you can register for the Introductory Lab Course in the KUSSS.

Preliminary meeting for the Introductory Lab Course

Before you are finally assigned to the Introductory Lab Course you also have to attend the preliminary meeting. The exact schedule, the laboratory rules and other organizational things are explained in more detail during this meeting.

Two preliminary meetings will take place at the same time, one in German and one in English (provided you speak and understand both languages, you can freely choose between the two).