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Institute of Analytical and General Chemistry
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Information about the courses.

Which courses do I have to sign up for?

Some courses have several options to choose from. This is because some of the courses are offered in German and some are offered in English, or there are several groups. To explain:

Introduction to General Chemistry

There are two parallel lectures. One course is held in German and one is held in English. The course content, exam, and exam dates are identical for both courses (in regard to the exam, the information will be provided in both languages ​​and you can write the exam either in German, or in English, regardless of the course you took). You can ideally take the course in the language of your preference. You may also switch between the courses as they are held parallel to each other (please note that the times differ slightly on Fridays).

The same applies to the courses "Introduction to Analytical Chemistry" and "Introduction to Organic Chemistry".

Introductory Lab Course

There are two courses here as well and you can sign up for either. Information about these courses will be available as part of a joint Moodle course; the lab course supervisors speak both German and English and you can write the minutes and take the exam either in German and English (regardless of which course you chose to take). Please note, however, that some documents may only be available in English and lab course instructions will first be given in English (even if everyone speaks German) in order to prepare students for subsequent courses held entirely in English. If, however, you have any questions, or you are not sure if you have understood everything, we can repeat the content in German.

Chemical Calculations

The exercise sheets and exams for Chemical Calculations will be available in both languages ​​and when taking the exam, you can indicate your preference to answer in German or in English. The language selection for exercise groups is set, meaning those in an English-speaking exercise group will discuss content in English and those in a German-speaking exercise group will discuss content in German (if individual words / ... are difficult to understand, you can, of course, ask questions at any time).

There are two German-speaking and two English-speaking exercise groups (one each at 12:00 PM and one at 1:45 PM), and a German-speaking exercise group, intended for students who have a background in the subject area (particularly HTL graduates) at 4:15 PM. The pace of practice hours in this group is much faster and we touch on the basics in less detail, however, we provide more information and special cases, such as practice hours of less than 90 minutes in this group (students who opt to be in this group but lack sufficient knowledge of the subject area will be assigned to a different exercise group where there are spots available). All of the groups will get similar exercise sheets and exams.

Here is an overview of the exercise groups:

Course Number





Tuesday, 13:45 - 15:15


Suitable for students with no background in the subject area


Tuesday, 13:45 - 15:15


Suitable for students with no background in the subject area


Tuesday, 12:00 - 13:30


Suitable for students with no background in the subject area


Tuesday, 12:00 - 13:30


Suitable for students with no background in the subject area

The exercise course consists of a preliminary meeting and 12 exercise hours during which we will discuss the exercise sheets. As a number of public holidays and vacation periods fall on Mondays, there will be no classes on a number of Mondays as well as an additional Monday date on October 30, and a scheduled class date on Friday.