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Institute of Psychology
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Department Head

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
a. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Niedermair (German only) K 244C 7237 gerhard.niedermair(at)jku.at


Assistant Department Head

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nicole Kronberger (German only) K 245C 7236 nicole.kronberger(at)jku.at



Name Room Extension E-Mail Adress
Katarzyna Jacyszyn (German only) K 246C 7230 spe(at)jku.at



Name Position Room E-Mail Address
Mag. Simone Seyringer, MAS (German only) Assistant   spe(at)jku.at
Bettina Krepper Student Assistant K 140-2B bettina.krepper(at)jku.at
Marie-Madeleine Seehorst Student Assistant K 140-2B marie-madeleine.seehorst(at)jku.at


PhD students

Name E-Mail
Mag.a Olga Kostoula (German only) olga.kostoula(at)jku.at