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PLM@OR 2023

The PLM team contributed five talks to this year’s Operations Research Conference in Hamburg. 

[Translate to Englisch:] PLM-Team@OR 2023

The annual conference of the Society for Operations Research in Germany (GOR e.V.) titled “Decision Support & Choice-Based Analytics for a Disruptive World” took place at the University of Hamburg. The following talks were contributed by members of the Institute of Production and Logistics Management:

  • Duleabom An: Reusable Benders cuts for bi-objective mixed integer linear programming

  • Nicolas Forget: Enhancing Branch-and-Bound for Multi-Objective 0- 1 Programming

  • Sophie N. Parragh: Modeling and solving a heterogeneous fleet multi- trip electric vehicle routing problem

  • Manuel Schlenkrich: Rolling horizon production planning with forecast evolution based stochastic optimization

  • Verena Stallhofer: An event-based model for the electric autonomous dial-a-ride problem

The complete technical program is available for download under this Link, opens an external URL in a new window.

https://www.or2023.uni-hamburg.de, opens an external URL in a new window