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Wissenschaftsgeschichte und Wissenschaftsthorie (Biologie, Biomedizin und Datenwissenschaft)


Artikel in internationalen Fachzeitschriften


  • Ratti E. 2018. ‘Models of’ and ‘Models for’: On the Relation Between Mechanistic Models and Experimental Strategies in Molecular Biology’. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science,
  • Ratti E. 2015. ‘Big Data Biology: Between Eliminative Inferences and Exploratory Experiments’. Philosophy of Science, Vol. 82, No. 2


  • An O., Pendino V., D’Antonio M., Ratti E., et al. 2014. ‘NCG4.0: The Network of Cancer Genes in the Era of Massive Mutational Screenings of Cancer Genomes’ Database: The Journal of Biological Databases and Curation.


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Beiträge, Kapitel in Büchern


  • Ratti, E. 2020. ‘Phronesis and Automated Science: The Case of Machine Learning and Biology’. In Sterpetti, F., and Bertolaso, M. (eds). 2020. A Critical Reflection on automated Science - Will Science Remain Human?. Springer
  • Bertolaso M., Ratti E. (equal contribution). 2018. ‘Conceptual Challenges in the Theoretical Foundations of Systems Biology’. In Mariano Bizzarri (eds). Systems Biology. Springer Series Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 1702
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Ethik der Wissenschaft und Technologie


Bearbeitete Bücher


  • Ratti E., Stapleford, T. (eds.). Science, Technology, and the Good Life. Oxford University Press (forthcoming)


Artikel in internationalen Fachzeitschriften


  • Bezuidenhout, L., Ratti, E. (equal contribution). ‘What Does it Mean to Embed Ethics in Data Science? An Integrative Approach Based on Microethics and Virtues’ AI & Society (accepted for publication)


Beiträge, Kapitel in Büchern


  • Ratti, E., Warne, N. 2020. ‘Vocation, Science, and the Good Life’, in Melville, W., and Kerr, D. (eds.) Virtues, Science, and Science Education, Routledge Publishers



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