Mai 2018.

LIT Lecture am 9. Mai 2018

Platz für Neugierde!

Denkende  Autos, U-Bahnen auf Computerchips, Fingerabdrücke von Atomen - wenn Sie wissen wollen, worum es an der JKU geht, sind Sie herzlich eingeladen, an der LIT Lecture Series teilzunehmen!


"Exoskeletal Robotic Systems" Andreas Müller (LIT / Institute of Robotics )

"Mixed Finite Elements for Smart Materials and Structures" Astrid Pechstein (LIT / Institute of Technical Mechanics)

"Whom to Blame when Algorithms Fail? Autonomous Driving in Austria – Preconditions by & a Challenge for Criminal Law" K. Bruckmüller / S. Schumann (LIT / Institute for Criminal Law)

LIT Lecture


9. Mai 2018


12.00 - 13.30 Uhr


Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz


Uni-Center, Festsaal A

Exoskeletal Robotic Systems

Inspired by the problem of the worldwide population aging, this project bundles the JKU competences in robotics, actuators, sensors and smart materials to develop a wearable robotic system for movement assistance and rehabilitation of the human body.

Andreas Müller (LIT / Institute of Robotics)

Mixed Finite Elements for Smart Materials and Structures

In smart structures, layers of piezoelectric materials are integrated into (lightweight) composites. We design finite elements for the simulation  of such structures which allow to dramatically reduce computational costs while maintaining accuracy.

Astrid Pechstein (LIT / Institute of Technical Mechanics)

Autonomous Driving: A Legal Challenge?

Discussing autonomous driving in law often means: Whom to blame when algorithms fail? The AUD/A project aims at clarifying due diligence standards to prevent criminal liability. Plus, how the law needs to be adapted to the developing technologies.

Stefan Schumann (PI Karin Bruckmüller) (LIT / Institute for Criminal Law)