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Department of Economics.
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Research Events.

  • Economics Research Seminar The Department of Economics organizes a regular research seminar in which researchers from other universities and research institutions present their original research work. Papers from all areas of economics are welcome. The seminar will be publicly announced at the JKU, but it addresses above all the staff of the Department of Economics as well as students of our university, who are interested in economic issues.

  • Lunch Time Seminar The Lunch Time Seminar provides an informal setting in which initial research ideas and "work in progress" can be presented. The seminar will provide an informal exchange and discussion on ongoing research projects and projects with members of the Department of Economics.

  • Kurt W. Rothschild Lecture The Department of Economics of the JKU organizes an annual lecture series in honor of Prof. Kurt W. Rothschild, in which outstanding economists are invited to give a popular science lecture to a wider academic audience at the JKU. The oeuvre of the invited person should be in the sense of Kurt W. Rothschild's work as an economist.

  • Staff Seminar Every year, the Department of Economics of the JKU organizes a multi-day staff seminar at which department members and friends of the department present and discuss their research results.