Lunch Time Seminar.

The Lunch Time Seminar provides an informal setting in which initial research ideas and "work in progress" can be presented. The seminar will provide an informal exchange and discussion on ongoing research projects and projects with members of the Department of Economics.


Time: Thursday, 12:00 - 12:45 
Room: Keplerbuilding K127A
Coordinators: Mario Lackner ( and Dieter Pennerstorfer (


Winter Term 2019/20




Sijmen Duineveld (Universität Augsburg)

Adaptive labor supply as a driver of the business cycle


Karin Mayr-Dorn (JKU)
Monetary versus non-monetary determinants of on-the-job search: theory and empirical evidence


René Böheim (JKU)
Unearned income and labor supply: Evidence from survivors’ pensions