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Department of Economics.
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Lunch Time Seminar.

The Lunch Time Seminar provides an informal setting in which initial research ideas, ongoing research and "work in progress" can be presented and discussed with members of the Department of Economics.

Time: Thursdays, 12.00 pm - 1.00 pm
Room: K 127A (Econ Lounge)


  • Mario Lackner - mario.lackner@jku.at
  • Dieter Pennerstorfer - dieter.pennerstorfer@jku.at

Summer Term 2023:

Date Speaker Title
16. 3. 2023 Mario Lackner (JKU) Why even bother when no one is watching? Gender-specific responses to a friendly observer - evidence from a natural experiment
20. 4. 2023 Wolfgang Frimmel (JKU)

Careers of migrants between Austria and Germany: Evidence from linked register data

27.4.2023 Rene Wiesinger (JKU) Parental Death and Daughters' Fertility
4. 5. 2023 Zach Porreca (West Virginia University) The Right to Counsel: Criminal Prosecution in 19th Century London
25.5.2023 Imola Csóka (JKU, CEU) Ten simple rules for creating a replication package
1. 6. 2023 Omar Bamieh (Uni Wien)

Estimating the Returns to Occupational Licensing: Evidence from Regression Discontinuities at the Bar Exam