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Department of Economics.
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Economics Research Seminar

The institute organizes a regular research seminar in which researchers from other universities and research institutions present their original research. Papers from all subject areas of economics are welcome. The seminar is publicly announced at the JKU, but it primarily addresses the employees of the Institute for Economics and students at our university who are interested in economic issues. If a paper is available, we will be happy to link it.

With the kind support of the "Linzer Hochschulfonds".

Time: Wednesday, 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm
Room: K 127A (Kepler building) 

Coordinator: René Böheim

Winter Term 2023/24

Date Speaker Topic


Francis Wong (LMU)

Taxing Homeowners Who Won't Borrow

05.10.2023 Ingrid Hägele (LMU)

Bargaining and Inequality in the Labor Market


Ole Jann (CERGE EI)

Connecting the Dots: Markets for Data

18.10.2023 Max Breitenlechner (Uni Innsbruck) cancelled


Johannes Rincke (FAU)

Who Does the Talking Here? The Impact of Gender Composition on Team Interactions


Michaela Paffenholz (LMU)

Adolescents’ Mental Health and Human Capital: The Role of Socioeconomic Rank


Luca Furmarco (Brno)

(un)Effectiveness of the Temporary Protection EU Act - A Study with Ukrainian Refugees Job Applicants


Rainer Widmann (MPG)

Cross-border Commuters and Knowledge Diffusion


Simon Reif (ZEW)

Default rules, ethical reminders, and registration costs: An experiment on stem-cell donor registration


Rothschild lecture

Wettbewerb als Voraussetzung für Innovation

Prof.in Dr.in Monika Schnitzer, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

13.12.2023 Felix Chopra (Copenhagen) Conducting Qualitative Interviews with AI
10.01.2024 Feodora Teti (ifo)  
17.01.2024 Dorothee Hillrichs (Munich)  
24.01.2024 Florian Exler (Vienna University)




Each seminar lasts up to 60 minutes, followed by questions from the audience (approx. 20 minutes). Each seminar is moderated by the chairperson.