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Department of Economics.
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Why should you be interested in economics at JKU?

What is Economics?

Economics is exciting and relevant.  Economics studies the interaction of individuals and firms in a systematic and general way, and aims at evaluating the scope of political actions.

Potential questions approached during your Economics studies might how minimum wages affect inequality and employment, how the policies of a Central Bank influence real economic outcomes like unemployment or growth, how trade barriers affect the welfare of individuals, or how the financial system should be regulated.

Economics provides you with important skills. Economics gives yout tools to analyze complex problems. You learn to interpret and evaluate data, and to develop theoretical hypotheses, which you then test in the 'real' world. You acquire a critical understanding of important theories, principles, and methods. These skills are also demanded by business consulting firms and in strategic management.

Economics is right for you. Economics is ideal for critical thinkers, who aim at better understanding important topics for the society. Specific applications range from the decisions of individual firms to the functioning and governance of markets and societies.

With the skills you acquire you can work for governments, international organizations, as well as in local and international firms. All of those need economic tools to analyze data and complicated problems, and to deal with practical and scientific challanges.