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ICAE researchers win ÖAW Doc-Team scholarship

Congratulations to Theresa Hager and Laura Porak on receiving the Doc Team grant!

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We are pleased that Theresa Hager and Laura Porak from the Institute for the Comprehensive Analysis of Economics at the JKU Linz and Susanna Azevedo from the University of Vienna have received the Doc-Team grant from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW). In the next three years, their dissertations will deal with three central challenges of our time: global inequality, the climate crisis and the housing shortage. With an interdisciplinary perspective, they examine the effect of competition as an organizational principle and its explicit and implicit rules in a context-specific manner. The three scientists got to know each other in the FWF-Zukunftskolleg SPACE (spatial competition and economic policies). Congratulations!