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ICAE Study in German newspaper taz

The German daily newspaper "taz" reported on the Alternative for Germany (AfD) social policies that include ICAE participation

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As mentioned in the article, the AfD portrays itself as a social and "small people's" party, yet in practice the party follows neoliberal and ordoliberal principles, mainly representing the interests of (domestic) employers and businesses. The party takes a critical view of market intervention to regulate or raise social benefits.

That was the conclusion of the 2021 Otto Brenner Foundation study cited in taz, in which Stephan Pühringer played a central role. The study analyzed social and economic policy programs, speeches made in the Bundestag, and AfD MPs' voting behavior. Click here, opens an external URL in a new window to read more about the study and its findings (available in German only).

Click here, opens an external URL in a new window to read the article in "taz" (available in German only).