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Institute for Integrated Quality Design
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Current projects

Ecosystems for Mechanical Recycling Innovations (EMRI)

Timeframe: 2023 - 2027 (ongoing)

Logo EMRI Projekt

Completed projects

Projects funded by the endowed institute

Acronym Title Timeframe
CCIP Cradle to Cradle Innovation Processes 2015-2020
I4L Business models for extending industry 4.0 towards the entire product life cycle 2016-2020
Q2030 Qualität 2030 2018-2020
UniNEtZ UniNEtZ 2019-2021


Third Party funded

Acronym Title Timeframe
MoDeSt Product Circularity through Modular Design - Strategies for Long-Lasting Smartphones 2019-2022


Research projects at partner universities

Acronym Title Timeframe
eCo-Innovative IT Innovation Lab on Sustainable Smartphones  2015-2019
I4S Innovation for sustainability 2013-2016