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Institute for Integrated Quality Design
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Research focus: Circular Quality & Innovation.

IQD's mission is to better understand the development and diffusion of product-service systems with superior technical, environmental and social quality regarding the product full life-cycle (resources, production, use, post/re-use) – or even multiple life-cycles (i.e. circularity) – and how this can be enabled by integrated management systems and, more generally, organisational change and transformation. Our research is inspired by the Circular Economy, a vision which proposes circular product design, processes and resource flows as strategies to overcome some of today's most pressing challenges, such as resource scarcity, dependence on fossil fuels, decreasing product quality (and respective lifetimes), waste and related environmental pollution.


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A working definition of Integrated Quality Design (IQD): IQD covers approaches, methods and tools in the innovation process aimed at the development of life-cycle optimized and stakeholder conscious product service systems (solutions) as well as supporting management systems, organisational designs and business models.