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General Chemistry Quiz 2021

An amusing conclusion of the courses from the field of General Chemistry.

[Translate to Englisch:] Teilnehmer des Zoom-Quiz

On 30 April 2021, the General Chemistry Quiz took place for the second time as an amusing conclusion to the courses in the field of general chemistry. In pub quiz style, the winning team was determined from 6 participating teams over 10 rounds with and without a chemistry connection. Of course, in line with corona, this was done via Zoom from the various student rooms - despite the current restrictions, it was a very successful evening, which was also reflected in the creative group names and answers. We warmly congratulate the "Unknown sample 6" team on their victory and look forward to presenting the winners with their prize in the LUI guest garden as soon as circumstances allow again.

And this is what our winning team had to say about the quiz:

"Due to the fact that our team consisted of members from different age groups, and thus from different decades and even from different millennia (18-40 years), we complemented each other very well and were able to prevail over the other groups in the end. The skills of series binge-watchers, world travellers, poets and chemistry students helped to answer the 10 rounds of the quiz mostly correctly. We are very much looking forward to receiving the winnings in corona style!

Thank you for organising and running the Zoom Pub quiz and the resulting varied, fun evening in the current rather monotonous situation!

Thanks also to the entire General Chemistry Department for their support over the past year and for not despairing with us.

The "Unknown sample 6" - Clemens, Lisa, Michael, Sophie, Christian and Natalie"