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“European Master in Official Statistics“ (EMOS)

We are EMOS!

The “European Master in Official Statistics“ (EMOS) is a project of the European Union to develop a program for the education and further training in official statistics in European master programs. The European Statistical System Committee (ESSC) has labelled the English-speaking JKU master's program “Statistics” as the only study program in Austria with the EMOS-Label.

Hence, “Statistics” master students at JKU Linz, who did the JKU-Bachelor’s program “Statistik und Data Science”, have the opportunity to gain an attractive additional certificate, showing their expertise in official statistics. Graduates of this documented specialisation will have an advantage in the working area of official statistics nation-wide and on international level.

The EMOS label has been awarded to 34 study programs in 18 European countries. Among those are besides JKU Linz the University of Rome „La Sapienza“, Universite de Rennes or Universität Trier.



Additional Certificate EMOS to the JKU Master's program Statistics


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Nadja Lendle, MSc, first EMOS-certified graduate of the JKU master's programme "Statistics" (07.11.2019) with department head Werner Müller and the EMOS representative of the Intitute of Applied Statistics Andreas Quatember
EMOS Gruber The first EMOS-graduate within our Master's program "Statistics" from 2024: Laura Gruber

The Institute of Applied Statistics of JKU Linz is glad of a cooperation agreement in research and teaching with Statistics Austria under the EMOS network. Also the quality of the JKU-bachelor's program “Statistik und Data Science”, on which the master's program is based upon, is affected by this collaboration: Experts from Statistics Austria teach bachelor students in lectures at JKU funded by Statistics Austria and provide exciting insights in their fields of work.

Students gain this certificate in addition to their education as generalists in statistics by an internship at an agency in the field of official statistics (e.g. Statistics Austria), the choice of one of the two study foci and a suitable choice of the topic of their Master's Thesis. If interested, contact the contact person mentioned above.

By the EMOS-label, the master's program “Statistics” at JKU Linz offers an attractive exclusive further training for the students.

This picture shos the logo of EMOS (European Master in Official Statistics).