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Institute of Experimental Physics
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The BiOM team


Name Room Direct dial E-Mail
Univ.- Prof.  Dr. Kerstin Blank P212 9811 kerstin.blank@jku.at


Name Room Direct dial E-Mail
 Nadja Peham-Hackl  P211 9810 nadja.peham-hackl@jku.at


Name Room Direct dial E-Mail
Marlene Schütz P210 9815 marlene.schuetz@jku.at


Scientific staff

Name Room Direct dial E-Mail
Russell Wilson P209 9817 russell.wilson@jku.at
Geonho Song P208 9816 geonho.song@jku.at

MSc students

Name Raum Durchwahl E-Mail
Lorenz Seiser P209 9817  
Julian Döberl P208 9816  
Laura Wolfthaler P208 9816