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News & Events

Long Night of Research 2024

Mariella Denk and Michael Hohage had the right perspective during the Long Night of Science on 24.05.2024. Under the title “Let There Be Light: What exactly is color?", visitors to the stand of the Surface Physics Division were able to investigate how the impression of color can be influenced by ambient light (light bulb/energy-saving lamp/LED), for example. The many - mainly young - visitors in the foyer of the physics building learned, among other things, that white is actually extremely colorful because it is a mixture of colors from the entire visible spectrum. 


Visit from Poland 2023

Visit from Wroclaw in the PEEM laboratory: Dr. habil. Grazyna Antczak (middle) and her PhD student Blazej Golyszny (left) from the Institute of Experimental Physics at the University of Wroclaw visit the Department of Surface Science at JKU to conduct experiments on the condensation of organic thin films together with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thorsten Wagner (right).


Linz Marathon 23.10.2022

With a time of 4:23:27, the “running STM” team made it over the finish line of the relay marathon 2022 in Linz. The four runners (Oliver Koch (Numerical Mathematics), Thorsten Wagner, Michael Hohage and Claudia Lopez-Posadas) proudly present their medals on Linz’s main square. Konrad Fragner was also a successful finisher over the quarter marathon course with 1:01:55.


CERN-Exkursion 2022

JKU physics students on a big trip: 43 students visited together with Thorsten Wagner from the Institute of Experimental Physics, Department:Surface physics during a three-day excursion several major research institutions in Germany and Switzerland. One of the highlights was the visit to the Alice-Experiment at CERN in Geneva (see photo). Further stations were the Paul Scherrer Institute (CH) with the Swiss Light Source (SLS) and the Neutron Source (SINQ) as well as the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Garching (Germany).


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Long Night of Research

On 20.05.2022 the "Long Night of Research, opens an external URL in a new window" took place on the JKU. It was a particularly gratifying and beautiful event for all of us. Experiments with helium, opens an external URL in a new window, light-emitting diodes and sounds, opens an external URL in a new window, as well as radiation, opens an external URL in a new window were prepared for the visitors. Even from the labs, Thorsten Wagner and Michael Hohage brought all kinds of materials to the surface.

We congratulate Michael Györök on his PhD

Michael Györök successfully defended his doctoral thesis on 25.03.2022 entitled
“Aggregation of organic molecules on precious metal surfaces”
Click this Link, opens an external URL in a new window to learn more.

Since the rigorosum took place via Zoom, he was able to receive his doctoral hat, which was decorated with all sorts of memorabilia from his doctoral thesis, only virtually.

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