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Group Highlights

October 2022 – Julian starts as a MSc student. He will also work on a hydrogel project investigate how crosslink functionality affects the viscoelastic properties of coiled coil crosslinked hydrogels. It is great to see the group growing!

October 2022 – Lorenz starts as a MSc student. He will investigate how protein aggregation and protein-induced mineralization will affect the properties of protein-polymer hybrid hydrogels. Welcome!

September 2022 – The great day has come… our lab furniture is finally being delivered. Soon, we will no longer have to live on a construction site!

September 2022 – Kerstin is elected as deputy speaker of the Biophysics section of the German Physical Society. Looking forward to exciting times ahead!

July 2022 – Kerstin serves as the vice chair of the inaugural Gordon Research Conference on Multiscale Mechanochemistry & Mechanobiology in Ventura, California. We are super happy that we have contributed to making this happen!

May 2022 – Geonho moves from MPI to JKU. Now as a PostDoc, he will set up rheology of our peptide-polymer hybrid hydrogels and finish all the exciting projects from his PhD in Potsdam. Welcome in Linz!

April 2022 – Geonho defends his PhD thesis about how to obtain bottom-up control of peptide-polymer hybrid hydrogels. Congratulations!

March 2022 – Russell starts as our first PostDoc. He will continue our work on molecular force sensors for mammalian cell culture and transfer all the methods from the MPI to JKU. Welcome at JKU!

October 2021 – Nadja starts as the administrative assistant of the new group. We are very happy to have support for navigating all the unknowns of starting at a new university in a new country. Welcome!

October 2021 – Marlene starts as the technical assistant of the new group. She will support us with converting empty offices into our new labs. Thank you very much already in advance!

October 2021 – The new group officially starts at JKU Linz. Exciting times ahead…