Welcome to the Soft Matter Physics (SoMaP) Division

In our division we develop new technologies based on soft materials such as polymers, elastomers and hydrogels. Inspired by nature we explore complex hybrid systems, from flexible and stretchable electronics to soft robots.

Highlights 2018

  • COMET project "TextileUX"
  • FET-OPEN project "SensApp"
  • Science Advances publication on magnetosensitive e-skins
  • Science Robotics commentary on soft robotics
  • Nature Electronics commentary on open source labware
  • American Journal of Physics publication on the free fall
  • npj Flexible Electronics publication on printed electronics
  • Our paper on resistive textile sensor interfaces (RESI) wins best paper award at UIST

Highlights 2017

  • ERC-Starting Grant Gel-Sys for Martin Kaltenbrunner
  • High Altmetrics score for FWF-funded publication with SoMaP contribution
  • Science Advances publication on hydrogels
  • Science Advances publication on perovskites
  • Houska recognition award 2017 for the Team of Reinhard Schwödiauer
  • ERC project Soft-Map in the research *eu results magazine April 2017 N°61
  • Southwest Mechanics Lecture Series Spring 2017

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Soft Matter Physics Division



Johannes Kepler University Linz
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TN Tower, 10th floor

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