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Project and Thesis Topics - Join us!

Available Bachelor Theses:

Past PhD Theses

Robert Pichler

Soft hydrogel-based dielectric elastomer transducers

Daniela Wirthl

Instant bonding of hydrogels to soft and hard materials


Richard Moser

Hybrid electronics: Design and characterization with open-source labware

Michael Drack

Soft deformable electronics

Gerald Kettlgruber

Stretchable electronics for mHealth applications


Christian Siket

Anodised 3D-oxide architecture for plastic electronics

Rainer Kaltseis

Natural rubber for energy harvesting

Alexander Kogler, Richard Baumgartner

Smart active materials for electromechanical transducers, solid state cooling and unidirectional fluid flow


Mamadou Seck

Combining Surface and Vertical Profile-Studies of Organic Materials in Solar Cells

Olena Kozlova

Optimization and Degradation Studies of Organic Solar Cells and Light-Emitting Devices


Brigitte Paula Stehrer

Biosensing with 50 MHz HFF quartz crystals

Martin Kaltenbrunner

From flexible to ultrathin and stretchable electronics

Markus Krause

Kapazitive, pyro- und piezoelektrische Sensoren in der Automatisierung und in Sicherheitssystemen

Petr Bartu

Large-area position sensitive detection of light points and objects


Christoph Keplinger

Electromechanical energy conversion using dielectric elastomers


Mario Dansachmüller

Characterization and modelling of the visco-elastic, electro-mechanical, electro-acoustical and electret properties of cellular polymer ferroelectrets


Ingrid Graz

Dielectric barrier microdischarges, ferroelectrets and their applications


Johann Leonhartsberger

Gas-Diffusions-Expansion temperaturstabiler Thermoplaste


Michael Lindner

Poling and Characterization of Nonpolar and Polar Polymers for Electromechanical and Optical Applications


Reinhard Schwödiauer

Characterization of Low Dielectric Constant Polymers