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Digitalization and work organization. Narratives, practice and design options

The project "Digitalization and Work Organization. Narratives, Practice and Design Options", which is funded by the Vienna Chamber of Labour within the framework of the Digifonds, integrates business, historical and sociological perspectives in order to explore narratives of technologization and digitalization. What do the narratives of digitization promise with regard to the design of work and how is the organization of work in practice affected by the use of digital technologies? What historical lines can be discerned and what can be learned from them for the present? On the basis of interdisciplinary research into the development and use of technology in the IT industry, in the field of geriatric care and support, and in the platform economy, flanked by a historical analysis of the discourse on the mechanization of the world of work, the project is drawing a map of digitization in order to sound out the relationship between digital technologies and the organization of work in a scientifically sound manner and to identify scope for shaping it. The project cooperates with various practical partners in and around Vienna.



Prof.in Elke Schüßler (Institut für Organisation)
Prof.in Brigitte Aulenbacher (Institut für Soziologie)
Prof. Uli Meyer (Institut für Soziologie)
Prof. Ernst Langthaler (Institut für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte)


Arbeiterkammer Wien


10/2021 - 3/2023