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HUGO: Interfaces of battery and H2 fuel cell technology in road freight transport using route planning and optimization

17-month research project in collaboration with the Energieinstitut, funded within the Future Energy Call.

Batterie electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are locally emission free and have the potential to support the political goal of reducing traffic induced CO2 emissions, if renewable energy is used. The research project HUGO aims at identifying the best applicaton setting as well as limitations of these technologies in the context of road freight transport. 

The kernel of the analysis concerns the intersection of these to technologies for mid-range transport. An optimization algorithm for the underlying vehicle routing problem will be developed and used to identify the best fleet size and mix decision under different scenarios. The thus obtained results will be integrated into a larger scale economic analysis to allow for supporting a sustainable transition to battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for mid-range road freight transport. 

Research Project


Funding Agency

Future Energy Call


August 1, 2020 - December 31, 2021

Project lead

Sophie Parragh (PLM)
Sebastian Goers (Energieinstitut)



Project collaborators

Martin Hofwimmer, Xenia Haslinger