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Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics
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Solid State Physics Team


Name Room Phone E-Mail
Evelyn Rund  HP 216 9639 evelyn.rund(at)jku.at


Name Room Phone E-Mail
Dr. Santa Pile HP 209 9651 santa.pile(at)jku.at
Dr. Bareld Wit HP 214 9644 bareld.wit(at)jku.at

Master Students

Name Room Phone E-Mail
B.Sc. Asem Albaser HP 214 9643 asem.albaser(at)jku.at
B.Sc. Max Hofinger HP 105 9671 max.hofinger(at)jku.at
B.Sc. Sophia Hollweger HP 116 9640 sophia.hollweger(at)jku.at
B.Sc. Harald Lindorfer HP 116 9640  
B.Sc. Antonia Sterrer HP 116 9640  
B.Sc. Alexandra Wagner HP 116 9640 alexandra.wagner(at)jku.at