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Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics
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Semiconductor Physics Team


Name Room Extension E-Mail

Mag.a Susanne Schwind


HP019 9600 susanne.schwind(at)jku.at

Michaela Eder-Jahn, BA MA

Science Communication Administrator

Science Park 4, 0327 9683 michaela.eder-jahn(at)jku.at

Associate Professors

Name Room Extension E-Mail
a. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Fromherz HP017 9602 thomas.fromherz@jku.at
a. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gunther Springholz HP017 9681 gunther.springholz@jku.at
a. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Julian Stangl HP014 9604 julian.stangl@jku.at

Assistant Professor

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Assist.-Prof. Dr. Moritz Brehm MI 015 9688 moritz.brehm@jku.at

Post Docs and Guest Scientists

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Dr. Ievgen Brytavskyi HP013 9607 ievgen.brytavskyi@jku.at
Dr. Mahdi Hajlaoui MI 010 9638 mahdi.hajlaoui@jku.at

PhD Students

Name Room Extension E-Mail
DI Johannes Aberl MI013 9627 johannes.aberl@jku.at
DI Maximilian Aigner HP 107 9667 maximilian.aigner@jku.at
M.Sc. Diego Haya Enriquez MI010 9638 diego.haya_enriquez@jku.at
M.Sc. Merve Karaman MI 014 9608 merve.karaman@jku.at
Dipl. Phys. Martin Kernbach HP 016 9682 martin.kernbach@jku.at
DI Tobias Maria Krieger OIC 9550 tobias.krieger@jku.at  
M.Sc. Eugenio Maggiolini HP 015 9605 eugenio.maggiolini@jku.at
DI Thomas Oberleitner HP107 9667 thomas.oberleitner@jku.at
DI Andreas Salomon MI 013 9627 andreas.salomon@jku.at
DI Gabriel Undeutsch HP107 9667 gabriel.undeutsch@jku.at
M.Sc. Tetiana Zakusylo HP013 9607 tetiana.zakusylo@jku.at

Master Students

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Wolfgang Atteneder, B.Sc. HP 104 9667 wolfgang.atteneder@jku.at
Ailton José Garcia Junior, B.Sc. HP 015 9605 ailton.jose_garcia_junior@jku.at
Raffael Leithenmayr, B.Sc. HP 015 9605 raffael.leithenmayr@jku.at
Melina Peter, B.Sc. HO 015 9605 melina.peter@jku.at
Enrique Prado Navarrete, B.Sc. MI 013 9627 enrique.prado_navarrete@jku.at
Tobias Steindl, B.Sc. HP 015 9605 tobias.steindl@jku.at
Naser Tajik, B.Sc. HP 013 9607 naser.tajik@jku.at
Christian Weidinger, B.Sc. HP104 9667 christian.weidinger@jku.at
Christoph Wilflingseder, B.Sc. MI 010 9638 christoph.wilflingseder@jku.at


Name Room Extension E-Mail
FI Friedrich Binder 9908 5817 friedrich.binder@jku.at
AR Ing. Stephan Bräuer HP006 9609 stephan.braeuer@jku.at
ARin Alma Halilovic HP006 9609 alma.halilovic@jku.at
ARin Ursula Kainz HP006 9609 ursula.kainz@jku.at
Ing. Albin Schwarz LIT OIC 9550 albin.schwarz@jku.at
AD Ing. Ernst Vorhauer HP007 9610 ernst.vorhauer@jku.at