Vision & Strategic Priorities.


The nature of the JKU Business School is highlighted in its vision statements:

  • We are a regionally embedded academic hub with an international orientation.
  • We enhance connections across disciplines in management-relevant research and teaching.
  • We foster entrepreneurial thinking and practice in people and organizations.

Regional & International: The Business School is a hub between research, teaching, and practice. It is well grounded and connects to both regional and international developments.

Impact: The connections to be forged also extend to different fields of research, and interdisciplinary research is a key component to create impactful and relevant research and teaching.

Entrepreneurial: The JKU Business School puts special value on entrepreneurial thinking as a key component both on individual and organizational levels, which is understood as both critical thinking and analysis but also appropriate action and innovative as well as risk-taking behavior.

Strategic Priorities

The JKU Business School has created the following six strategic priorities to expand on the vision and derive main areas for the Business School to work on. They are focused on the core components of research and teaching.

  • Research Collaboration: Foster interdisciplinary research collaboration in our selected focus areas within the business school and with regional & international partners
  • Focused Programs: Develop focused programs with a clear teaching philosophy based on our vision that are competitive in their respective markets
  • International Orientation: Live international orientation and mobility in the service of research and business
  • Balanced Portfolio: Enable faculty members to improve their strengths to achieve a balanced portfolio of research, teaching and transfer for the business school
  • Executive Education: Support high-quality executive education according to regional demands
  • Effective Communication: Create effective internal & external communication and visibility
„Upper Austria's open and active industrial landscape is the ideal environment for setting up a high-impact business school offering relevant and stringent research and teaching.“
Stefan Koch
Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Head of the Institute of Business Informatics - Information Engineering