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Impact Narratives

Conducting impactful research

Research at JKU Business school aims at having an impact on the society. We therefore encourage research, that positively influences individuals, organizations or the wider public. We define impact as an activity that solves existing challenges successfully. To make sure the impact is well-perceived, we are in constant contact with our stakeholders and evaluate how they perceived this impact.

We started to identify research projects that are showing an impact. In addition, we made sure that the impact has been perceived by the individual, organization or wider public (e.g., by providing a statement, having found attention in the media). A short list of such impactful research (i.e., impact stories) is shown below, but we are continuously in contact with our researchers to bring forward impactful research projects.



Refugee women experience specific challenges – even for the Covid-19 pandemic situation. During the pandemic, however, it became very important to have digital skills which many refugee women seem not to have. The results show that it needs an integrated approach, including refugee women and support organisations.

Besic A., Aigner P.: Action, Reaction and Resignation: How Refugee Women and Support Organisations Respond to Labour Market Integration Challenges during the Covid-19 Pandemic, in Journal of International Management, 2023.
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Together with practitioner researchers focusing on pancreatic cancer, this research focused on two goals: on one hand, to develop a database that allows medical researchers to exchange their treatments on this to-date lethal form of cancer. Based on their exchange, they hope to find a cure. The second goal was to investigate, how the involvement of medical researcher in the development of an artefact (i.e., the database) influences the process and acceptance. Ewald Dannerer, Head of IT in the involved hospital, stated: “This is the first time that our medical researchers and staff were part of the development of an IT artefact and they are not only happy with the results, but are very proud of it and have no objections to use it”

Rückel D., Krumay B., Dannerer E.: Developing a collaboration system for pancreatic cancer research: a clinical design science study, in European Journal of Information Systems, 2022.
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Social challenges impact all people, no matter where they stem from and what they have done before. Bringe people from different social environments together to address these challenges is important to solve the problems on a holistic level. This research focuses on social innovation and orchestration, i.e., an organized way to bring people from different social environments together aiming a solving such a problem. It shows, that people that work together and learn together are socially stronger connected. The impact of this research evolves from an improved ecosystem in which social challenges can be addressed together.

Gegenhuber, T., Mair, J., Lührsen, R., & Thäter, L. (2023). Orchestrating distributed data governance in open social innovation. Information and Organization, 33(1).
research documentation

Mair, J., & Gegenhuber, T. (2021). Open Social Innovation. Stanford Social Innovation Review, 16(4), 26–33.
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Startups and entrepreneurs often adopt grand challenges as their core product. This not only owes to the fact that these challenges pose great opportunities. Ecological startups, however, do not only focus on their economic values but also on the value they contribute to the challenges. What influences their access is mainly their strategic approach but also its alignment with their sustainability ambition.

Kuckertz A., Berger E., Gaudig A.: Responding to the greatest challenges? Value creation in ecological startups, in Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 230, Seite(n) 1138-1147, 2019.
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