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Zwei Studierende unterhalten sich bei einem Spaziergang vorm Learning Center

Open postdoc position (40h, 6 years)

in the field of Operations Research/Prescriptive Analytics at the Institute of Production and Logistics Management.  


New publication by M. Sinnl (BATT) in Computers & Operations Research (VHB B)

The paper "Benders decomposition algorithms for minimizing the spread of harmful contagions in networks" by Markus Sinnl (Institut für Business…


PUBLICATION: (Biscaro/Montanari): A cognitive network perspective on creativity. Theorizing network mobilization scripts

A+ Journal - Organization Science

[Translate to Englisch:] Reisinger Presse Ki

Future-proof teaching in the age of generative AI

The benefits and risks of generative AI systems like ChatGPT and Midjourney for universities, businesses, and society are currently being discussed in…


Marketing Summer Cocktail 2024

National Marketing Award 2024


The travel boom continues unabated!

And what that has to do with shopping.

Zwei Studierende unterhalten sich auf der Aussichtsplattform Somnium

Open PhD position (30h, 4 years)

within the interdisciplinary research project “Modeling, analyzing, and learning from mechanisms of community building in networks“

[Translate to Englisch:] voestalpine nbi Gusenbauer

Great opportunities for excellent students

The voestalpine Steel Division's new business incubator (nbi) supports employees in developing innovative ideas into business. Thanks to the…

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High-Profile Program Accreditation for the MSc Management Program at the JKU Business School

Future business leaders face a wide range of challenges, including digitalization, AI, and much more.