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Research at the JKU Business School.

Three main research areas - Finance & Accounting, Management & Marketing, Supply Chain & Information Management - represent the JKU's long-term parameters to advance Business Administration and Business Informatics at the JKU. They facilitate a holistic approach toward current topics that include digitalization. Digitalization can, for example, be studied under the aspect of business model innovation in the Management and Marketing research area, under the aspect of FinTech in the Finance and Accounting research area, and under the aspect of the "Internet of Things" in the Logistics and Information Management research area.

During the process, synergies between the core areas can be utilized, creating access points to other research departments both at the JKU and outside of the university. Based on an analysis of sustainability challenges running along the entire value chain in the research area of Management and Marketing, research in "Sustainability Management" identifies main points in the areas of finance and accounting, such as controlling systems to support sustainability management and integrated reporting, and the relationship between corporate social responsibility and a company's earnings strength.

Additional information regarding research and research activities at the JKU Business School is available below:

„Research at JKU has an interdisciplinary tradition which is all the more relevant today. Society's grand challenges such as climate change and the digital transformation require innovative solutions for and from businesses and society.“
Barbara Krumay
Associate Dean for Research & Impact
Barbara Krumay