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Department of Economics.
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The Program

The Program (as of October 2018)

Principles in Economics and Management (18 ECTS)

Students who have already taken these courses can select other courses from the Bachelor (Business and Economics, WiWi) that they have not taken yet.

Economic Theory (12 ECTS)

Methods in Economics (22 ECTS)

Advanced Topics in Economics (28 ECTS)

Select 7 from the following list (all 4 ECTS), including at least 1 Seminar Advanced Topics:

  • Advanced Public Economics
  • Advanced Exchange Rate Theory
  • Advanced Trade Policy
  • Managerial Economics 2
  • Financial Economics and Risk
  • Macroeconometrics
  • Microeconometrics
  • Monetary Economics: Theory and Policy
  • Regulation and Antitrust, opens in new window
  • The Multinational Firm in the Global Economy
  • Microeconomics IK
  • Seminar Advanced Topics I
  • Seminar Advanced Topics II

(Note: The instructor and content of the two seminars varies between semesters. Most of the topics are advanced and should not be chosen prior to the 2nd or 3rd semester of the Master program.)

Gender Aspects in Economics (4 ECTS)

  • Feminist Economics (4 ECTS)

Free Courses (12 ECTS)

You can select any course from JKU or even another university according to your personal interests.

We recommend the following courses:

  • Courses from General Management
  • Courses from Financial Mathematics

Master Thesis (24 ECTS)

In finding a topic and a supervisor for their Master Thesis, students can talk to the teachers of the various courses in the Master program. For this reason, the selection of courses in the Master program should be in line with the topic of your Master Thesis, taking into account that most courses are offered only once per year.