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Institute of Business Informatics celebrates the successful completion of research projects


The Institute of Business Informatics - Information Engineering celebrated the successful completion of research projects for the 2023 summer semester with a festive graduation ceremony on Wednesday July 4. The event brought together about 100 students and research partners who were personally invited to recognize their achievements and hard work during the semester. The entrance foyer of Science Park 3 served as the backdrop for this joyous occasion and was framed by a young band. The festivities began with opening speeches by Institute Head Prof.in Dr.in Krumay and Lecturer Dr. Rückel.

After the opening speeches, the students took center stage to present their research results. At the beginning of the semester, the students were divided into groups and assigned different project topics, which were in some cases supported by dedicated research partners. These collaborations provided a valuable bridge between academia and practice and fostered a dynamic learning environment for students. The presentations stimulated lively discussions among participants and allowed students to present their collective experiences and findings. In addition, they had the unique opportunity to receive direct feedback from their fellow students and the experts in attendance, which further deepened their understanding of their respective research areas.

The Institute of Business Informatics - Information Engineering would like to express its sincere gratitude to all students and project partners who contributed to the successful completion of the research projects. Their tireless support and dedication contributed significantly to the students' achievements and the overall success of the event. The Institute is now looking forward with great anticipation to the next event, which is scheduled to take place in the upcoming winter semester of 2023/24.

For more information about the students' research projects, please see the following links: