Zeppenfeld Peter, o.Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Head of Division AOP

Curriculum Vitae

born in Hamburg (Germany), 3 girls (married + two daughters)

Baccalauréat, European School Mol (Belgium),↵

1981 - 1983
Studies of Physics, University Kiel↵

1983 - 1985
Studies of Physics, University Bonn↵

Diploma University Bonn and IGV-FZ Jülich↵

PhD University Bonn and IGV-FZ Jülich↵

1990 - 1991
PostDoc at IBM Almaden Research Center in Don Eigler's lab

Habilitation University Bonn and IGV-FZ Jülich

since 1997
o. Univ.-Professor for Institute for Experimental Physics at Johannes Kepler University Linz

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Research interests

  • Characterization of solid surfaces using molecular and ion beam techniques
  • Physisorption and chemisorption at surfaces
  • Structure and dynamics of adsorbed layers
  • Phase transitions in low-dimensional systems
  • Thin film growth
  • Characterization of surfaces and adsorbates using low and variable temperature scanning tunneling microscopy (STM)
  • Fabrication and characterization of nanostructured surfaces
  • Imaging and manipulation of individual atoms and molecules using STM
  • Cluster and pattern formation during hetero-epitaxial growth
  • Structure and surface alloying in thin metal films
  • Adsorption and mobility of molecules in carbon nanotubes
  • Monte-Carlo simulation of the adsorption, growth and desorption of atoms and molecules on nanostructured surfaces
  • Morphology and magnetic properties of ultra-thin magnetic films
  • Organic thin film growth
  • Optical probes for surface and thin film characterization

Other interests

  • Mountains (on foot, by bike and on ski)
  • Austria (the country, the culture and the people)