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Institute of Process Engineering
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Function spaces at the institute

The premises of the Institute are located in the Technikum. On the second floor of the building there are four fully equipped laboratories, which are available for students during their internship, for bachelor or master theses.

On the ground floor you can find the process hall, where most of our apparatus, machines and equipment are located. Also in the hall you can find the workshop of our technician, which is equipped with a lathe among other things.

Our offices are located on the 7th floor of the Kopfgebäude Building.

The technical equipment of the institute can be found here.

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Technical literature on the subject of process engineering can be found in the main library as well as in the technical library TN. Most of the technical literature is located at the institute in the secretary's office. In the LISSS result list you can see this under FB Chemie u.Chem.Technologie and below as location: Institut für Verfahrenstechnik.
Most of the books can be borrowed free of charge.


zwei Studentinnen, die am PC im Labor arbeiten

Topics for scientific papers

The Institute of Chemical Engineering offers students of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies and Master program Management in Chemical Technologiesnt a pool of topics for scientific work. In consultation with the respective contact person, these can be worked on for bachelor, master or diploma theses.

Find our actual offer here.