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Institute of Process Engineering
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Our Team.

We are here for you!

This is our team:


Department Head

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address

Univ.- Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Mark Hlawitschka


KG 703 9742 mark.hlawitschka(at)jku.at



Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Dr. Ing. Alexander Keller TE 0115 9746



Research Assistants

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Sadra Mahmoudi, MSc KG 701-1 9753 sadra.mahmoudi(at)jku.at
DI Stefanie Flatscher KG 702 9747 stefanie.flatscher(at)jku.at

Project Staff

Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
DI Florian Klapal KG 701-1 9751 florian.klapal(at)jku.at
Enatri Enan, M.Phil. MT 124 6489 enatri.enan(at)jku.at
Masoud Outokesh, MSc. KG 701-2 9753 masoud.outokesh(at)jku.at


Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Johannes Huber Hall 9750 johannes.huber(at)jku.at


Name Room Extension E-Mail Address

em.o.Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Wolfgang Samhaber, opens in new window


Hall, 006-4 9741 wolfgang.samhaber(at)jku.at


Student Assistants

Name Extension E-Mail Address
Macho Andreas - Teaching 9740 (Secretary) macho.andy(at)icloud.com
Roman Rittler - Research Project 9740 (Secretary) roman.rittler(at)oeh.jku.at


Guest doctoral student



Industrial Partner


DIin Doris Ostner Recycling of multi-component textiles via enzymatic hydrolysis TCKT , opens an external URL in a new window Prof. Hlawitschka

Doctoral theses

Current dissertations at the institute

Name Topic Industrial Partner Supervisor
DI Florian Klapal

Working Title : Design and scale up of bubble column for biomethanation

  Prof. Hlawitschka
DIin Flatscher Stefanie     Prof. Hlawitschka
Mahmoudi, MSc.Sadra

Working Title: Investigating of the effect of solid particles on the behavior of Slurry Bubble Column Reactors

  Prof. Hlawitschka
DIin Doris Ostner Recycling of multi-component textiles via enzymatic hydrolysis TCKT , opens an external URL in a new window Prof. Hlawitschka
Schleiffer Andreas Influence of the parameters on bubble coalescence in bubble columns   Prof. Hlawitschka

Master theses

Current Master's theses at the Institute

Name Topic Industrial Partner Supervisor
Bönisch Sebastian Liquid-liquid extraction of manganese and cobalt from black mass from batteries with an extraction column   Dr. Keller
Jungwirth Theresa

Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 into Synthesis Gas and Formate: Plant Design and Electrochemical Modeling of the Process

GIG Karasek, opens an external URL in a new window

Prof. Dr. Hlawitschka
Egger Fabian     Prof. Dr. Hlawitschka
Teppan Bernhard

Thermal and oxidative degradation of aqueous Methyldiethanolamine/ Piperazine solution used for CO2
absorption of flue gas from the cement industry

Rohrdorfer Zement Prof. Dr. Hlawitschka
Shihadeh Ismael

Investigation and simulation of bubble formation and their behaviour in a bubble column

  DI Klapal
Macho Andreas Development of microcontactors for reactive extraction   Dr. Keller
Groenewold Catharina Formation and prevention of Ca deposits Lenzing AG Prof. Dr. Hlawitschka
Distler Jan

Impact of seeding crystals on the membrane and the membrane distillation crystallization process

  DI Flatscher

Bachelor theses

Current bachelor theses at the institute

Name Topic Industry partner Supervisor
Pflügl Manuela Setup and commissioning of a bubble column   DI Klapal
Hawlicek Valentina PIV Investigation of single bubble behaviour in multiphase reactors   Mahmoudi, MSc.
Kimeswenger Lisa Maria Programming a membrane extraction plant   Dr. Keller
Hochmuth Robert Roughness optimization for electrolytic steel strip galvanizing   Prof. Hlawitschka
Fierlinger Florian Recovery of sulphuric acid using Alamine 308   Dr. Keller
Petrova Gabriela Recovery of Sulfuric Acid Using Alamine 336   Dr. Keller


Past Employees

Name Semester Area of Responsibility
Dr. Mohammad Rezaei, MSc. 2013 - 2021 Teaching, Research,
Dissertation October 2017,
followed by 4 additional years as a PostDoc at the institute
Drechsler Diana WS 19/20 to WS 20/21 Teaching
Dobringer Georg SS 21 Teaching  
Redl Samuel WS 19/20 to SS 21 Teaching
Ikic Vanessa WS 20/21 to SS 22 Research & Teaching
ElDib Gaser SS 21 Research, Ars Electronica, Project staff
Brandner Sonja SS 21 Research Industry, Ars Electronica
Bönisch Sebastian SS 21 to SS 22 Ars Electronica
Flatscher Stefanie SS 21 to SS 22 Ars Electronica
Klapal Florian SS 22 Ars Electronica
Alireza Tayebi WS 22 - SS 23 Research

Completed Theses

Successfully completed Bachelor's theses, Master's theses, and dissertations.

  Name Topic


Industry partner Supervision        
Bachelor´s Frank Elisa Separation Process of Ternary NaCl-KCl-H2O and NaCl-CaCl2-H2O Systems 2024   DIin Flatscher        
Master's Thesis Bönisch Sebastian Extraction of cobalt and manganese by membrane-assisted extraction 2023   Dr. Keller        
Bachelor's Höscheler Lara Maria  Influence of seed crystal concentration on membrane distillation crystallization. 2023   DIin Flatscher        
Bachelor's Woesenboeck Gerald Purification of a lithium-ion battery solution in a Kühni column 2023 FH Wels Dr. Keller        
Master's Thesis Weber Dominik Determining the Size of Single Bubbles with Passive Acoustic Measurements and Deep Learning 2023   Prof. Hlawitschka        
Master's Thesis Danner Daniel Coalescence investigations in a micro apparatus 2023   Prof. Hlawitschka        
Bachelor's Thesis Groenewold Catharina Anna Solvent extraction column dynamics and efficiency investigations 2022   Prof. Hlawitschka        
Master's Thesis Klapal Florian Precipitation of lithium carbonate in a gas bubble column with carbon dioxide 2022   Prof. Hlawitschka        
Bachelor's Thesis Medl Florian Sedimentation 2021 Energie AG Prof. Hlawitschka        
Bachelor's Thesis Bönisch Sebastian Solvent Extraction 2021            

Master's Thesis

Asante Samuel

Methanation of CO²



Prof. Hlawitschka

Master's Thesis Flatscher Stefanie

Near Zero Liquid Discharge

Membrane Distillation Crystallization

2022   Prof. Hlawitschka        
Bachelor's Thesis Kühberger Florian

Reactive extraction of acetic acid


2022   Dr. Keller        

Visiting Researcher

Name Country Duration Research contract Contact
Dr. Ali Maged GHARIEB Egypt 1.11.23 - 31.3.24 Research Fellowship ali.maged(at)suezuni.edu.eg


Guests and Exchange Students

  Name Country Period Supervision
Guest PhD Candidate Chen Sihan China October 8, 2021 -September 1, 2022 Prof. Hlawitschka
Erasmus Student Hugues Charton France June 13, 2022 - September 2, 2022 Prof. Hlawitschka
Guest PhD Candidate Simon Stark Germany April 10, 2022 - November 30, 2022 Prof. Hlawitschka